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labeling (you can’t label sides that have ridges in them like most tackle boxes do). Awesome tackle box for containing batteries!

VIDEO: Exclusive Home Tour

I’m not big into taking pictures but still have LOTS of printed photos from the 90s and early 2000. I use this photo box to store and organize all of my photos. The best


part about it are the clear mini containers for sorting photos into categories.

VIDEO: How I Store Photos

This is going to sound beyond bizarre but I LOVE to throw things away in the these trash cans. There’s something about three uniform trash cans (trash, shred, recycle)


perfectly lined up next to each other that just makes me smile every time I sort and toss things inside! And when you label each bin with a color-coded label (recycle = green, trash = blue, shred = red) it makes it that much easier and faster to discard things

This is the fun ergonomic desk chair I use at my desk in my home office! It’s fun to wobble on while you work while also “strengthening your back and core!”


It comes in three fun colors; orange, black, and blue. They also come in smaller kids version in every color of the rainbow

If you hate seeing messy piles of cords behind or underneath your furniture, this is what you NEED! It’s a cord box that “hides” the messy cables! This is the cord box I


featured in my “ How to Hide Wires Cords ” video. It comes in black and white!

I have these things all over my house in every nook and cranny! They are adhesive and you can stick them anywhere to prevent a cord from falling down when


unplugged. They come in multiple colors.

Wires and cords that hang/dangle bother me like no other! These adhesive hooks hold cords against the wall in place. The best part about them are the various sizes


they come in and the adhesive on the back that is removable without damaging most surfaces (furniture, walls, etc).

You know those realllllly long cords that hang from the back of your computer, TV, and/or any other electronic in your house? Well, this cord wrap allows you to


“magically” shorten the cord as if it didn’t really exist! It’s hard to explain but it’s AWESOME! I use this for my iPod charger on my desk.

This is one of those cool office gadgets that actually gets good use! It’s a fuzzy finger you use to dust your computer screen and keyboard (I also use it to dust my desk).


It actually makes dusting fun! Who knew?!


within the bin or you can collapse them and have one big normal storage bin. They’re definitely pricey for a storage bin but they’re flexible in that they can be used for multiple purposes!

I use this hanging organizer originally made for clothes in my home office for storing paper, notepads, and extra file folders! It’s literally the PERFECT size for paper

The Oxford English Dictionary Isabel Marant Multistrap Ankle Boots 2014 unisex cheap sale websites cheap ebay from china cheap price sale buy 9gm7QKELFu
terrorism as “ th e unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. ” Trump’s separation policy, supported for the worst reasons by his most openly prejudiced advisers including Stephen Miller, fits the bill precisely.

First, it is illegal. Kidnapping children from parents, particularly for profit, is a heinous crime. Abusing asylum seekers is an international human rights violation. Jailing children unnecessarily is yet another crime. All of them are unconstitutional violations of the bill of rights, and they are illegal by law under international treaties signed and approved by Congress.

Second, it is on its face an act of violence. Wailing children were in many cases literally torn from the arms of weeping and fiercely objecting mothers and fathers. In other cases literally reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, they were taken by deception, the parents told that their children were being simply taken to bathe–not knowing that it might be the last time they would ever touch their loved ones.

Third and perhaps most importantly, it is an act of intentional intimidation. The entire purpose of this policy, Valentino BowAccented Satin Sandals with mastercard cheap online original uWIv2JjeP3
, is to deter further immigrants and asylum seekers by making them fear that their children will be taken from them if they try. As doing so is explicitly illegal, the Trump Administration has attempted to deny that deterrence is their actual goal. But the purpose is not only public record , it is obvious on its face. There is no credible immigration policy reason for this cruel barbarism beyond painting a picture of an America so brutally unwelcoming that people will prefer to take their chances being raped and murdered in gang violence than attempt to cross to the nation that still absurdly celebrates its outdated statue of liberty.

Fourth, this evil is being committed by the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation against its weakest civilians, people who have uprooted themselves and their families to make an incredibly dangerous crossing through hostile territory because death and starvation were the only alternatives. Even if the resources of the United States were stretched thin, it would be incumbent on us as a decent people to maximally ensure the safety of these poor souls even if we could not provide them shelter. But this is a country that just Christopher Kane Gem Slide Sandals w/ Tags newest cheap online tumblr sale sale online choice cheap online sneakernews sale online F2OOj0cY5
to its wealthiest citizens, and that just discount best sale find great cheap price Coach Ian LowTop Sneakers cheap latest collections 2014 new cheap price outlet popular xrHVpO
to $700 billion, more than the next dozen countries combined. The country’s agriculture sector is Golden Goose Womens Blue Cotto outlet free shipping authentic discount codes clearance store low shipping how much cheap online cheap price store IxauP
. The president’s country club just applied for visas for several dozen more foreign workers.

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